Why The 45 ACP Ammunition Is Still A Firm Favorite


Background Although gun lovers purchase all types of guns, it is interesting to note that almost all of them own a pistol. Many people love the pistol because it is small and therefore easy to conceal. They also like the fact that it is lighter to carry around. When faced with a situation where you […]

How To Start Gun Collecting


Gun collecting is a lot of fun to do, especially if you’re the kind of person who has worked really hard to enjoy traditional hunting and gun shooting. The problem for most people is never being able to know how to get started, along with where to put the items and guns. In this article, […]

Get Accurate Shots With .223 Ammunition From Remington


Background If you love rifles, you must know quite a bit about ammunition. You must have tried different types of guns and bullets before settling on your current rifle. If you are a keen hunter you are likely to have gone through the whole cycle before settling for the 223 Remington ammunition. Introduced in 1964, […]

Thinking Of Wholesale Ammo? Think ammo.net


Choosing the right ammunition is not as easy as a stroll on the beach. This is caused by several factors. One, there are many ammo dealers in the market. Two, there are quite a number of good brands. Three, there is too much information in the internet as well as offline which confuses shoppers. To […]

Use These Valuable Facts to Buy 9MM Ammo with Confidence!


So you’re thinking of purchasing a handgun for your defensive or gaming purposes? Have you looked around to select the most incredible ammunition for your intended purpose? Well, if you’ve done an exhaustive research, I guess you’ve discovered multiple types of 9MM ammo. When it comes to acquiring ammunition, especially the 9MM ammo, you need […]

The Fascinating World of Antique Gun and Ammunition Collectors


There are endless reasons as to why you may have an interest in gun collecting, as you may have inherited a gun collection or developed an interest. Certainly antique firearms collections are an investment but there are other motivations such as personal preference that captured your curiosity and imagination. Historic associations, artistic features and mechanical […]

Choosing Your First Gun Can Be an Exciting Affair

People collect a lot of things as a hobby. Stamps, coins and vintage artifacts are the common ones. But there are some folks out there who like to tread the unusual path by collecting guns and other firearms. It is wrong to consider such people as fanatics or someone to stay away from. Like any […]